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Blazing Salads on Drury Street is definitely a great find for those living wheat free. You know you are guaranteed food that has been carefully prepared with the finest ingredients. Plus, the food is delicious too!

Set up in 2000, the Blazing salads team decided that Dublin needed a wholefood/vegetarian take-away, serving high quality, tasty food, full of nutrition to take home or back to the office. Since opening the Deli, they can see a demand for quality breads, salads and ready made meals.

Their soups are gluten free and are perfect for this wintery weather. Delicious too!

If you can eat gluten, then you have the luxury of choosing from many products that are made from spelt flour. For example, roasted sweet potato , pumpkin & almond pastie, and goats cheese pizza with baby spinach & red onion to name a few.

On the other hand, if you need to avoid gluten and wheat, there are a few options available that made a nice dinner! Their spiced red lentil & rice burger with coriander pesto are particularly tasty. Their buckwheat & vegetable burgers with tomato & red onion salsa, and millet & vegetable burgers with parsley pesto come a close second.

They also do amazing salads. It’s healthy food with a twist. For example, try their chickpeas with carrot, red onion in chilli/lemon dressing or new potato with pinto bean, radicio in balsamic dressing. However, rememeber that you pay by weight, so it can get a little pricey. But if you are getting really good quality, gluten free food, sometimes it’s worth the extra cost!

On the dessert front, they’ve loads to choose from. Plenty of options if you can eat spelt. If you can eat oats, they have the most amazing cookies! Their oat, maple, raisin & walnut cookies are fab!

Happy eating!


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