The foods we miss

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Always the things that you want the most you can’t have! Freshly baked bread being the key craving for me. At lunchtime you see everyone else in the office tucking into crispy bread rolls and sandwiches. Most of the time is doesn’t bother me, but sometimes it can be a killer!

Finding the alternative can be an absolute challenge. Tasty and not rubbery gluten free bread is impossible to find! If you make your own, then there is some hope.

Superquinn do a very tasty, squishy and fresh corn bread on a Thursday in Superquinn in Sutton. It is divine. I buy it and freeze it in batches on 2, so you can join in with the word crowd and have your sandwich too!

Itsabagel do gluten free bagels, but can be hard to get your hands on, they are often sold out. They are a little rubbery, but toasted with a choice of your topping, they are a good alternative if you really want to have a bagel!

There are a few companies that do pre-pracked bread and I will review these at a later date. In my experience, fresh is best though!


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