Cully and Sully Soups

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Cully and Sully don’t just have a quirky website and good business acumen, they do fantastic take away foods – soups and pies in particular. The best thing about their food is that it’s gluten free! So, if you want a break from home cooking and want to grab a soup for lunch, this makes a good nutritional option.


Their soups are made from fresh Irish produce where possible, are gluten free, vegetarian, with no articifial flavours. My favourite is their Pea & Minty Soup. It’s delicious and packed with goodness. Peas are a good source of vitamin K which keeps our bones strong. If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, this is the veggie to go for because it’s got all the vitamins we need to make energy.


At just €2.49 for a 400g soup, it’s a healthy bargain. You’ll find their soups and pies at your local supermarket or good food store.


Go Cully and Sully! 🙂

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