Soup Dragon

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Ever wondered where to get a nice wholesome fresh takeaway soup? Here’s your answer: Soup Dragon. Based on Capel street in Dublin 1, their mission is to make and serve the most nutritious and delicious fresh soups and stews in Dublin, by using the best natural ingredients into a range of healthy and exciting soups. Soup Dragon provide an exciting alternative to the traditional lunchtime sandwich to an ever increasingly health-conscious population.


All of their soups are gluten free and there is also a range of vegan and low fat options. All soups are served with bread (or gluten free rice cakes if you can’t eat bread) and a piece of fruit. An example of their tasty soups is chickpea, tomato and lentil, or broccoli and blue cheese. I’ve my eye on the spicy veg gumbo (low fat) for my next visit!


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