Tasty homemade wheat-free bread!

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Odlums do a super range of products with their Wheat-free Quick breads. There are three varieties, Country Brown, Multi-Grain and Tomato and Herb. These bread mixes are gluten and wheat free and so provide a convenient and safe way for coeliacs to enjoy bread. Ready to bake in just two minutes, simply add oil and water to the mix.

They are very easy to make and are very tasty. If you want that something just a little bit different, the Tomato & Herb bread is lovely. All three breads are delicious fresh and hot from the oven. They do however tend to go hard and a little stale after a few days. I therefore recommend toasting it and it’s still very tasty. Worth a try if you are avoiding wheat, plus the smell of freshly baked bread is divine. Available at most supermarkets in the baking section.

Happy baking!
Aoife 🙂

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