Wheat-free Christmas cake

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The Village Bakery cater for Christmas well….especially for those of us who usually have to avoid dessert, it can be a difficult feat over Christmas!

They make cakes using only natural ingredients, and these wheat-free cakes have a great taste and quality. As an added bonus the whole range is wheat free, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and they even have cakes suitable for vegans too. You’ll be rest assured to hear that all gluten, wheat & dairy free products are produced in a dedicated gluten, wheat and dairy free bakery to excellent standards. On a regular basis they test both ingredients and finished products to ensure there is no level of gluten, casein and lactose. Quality guaranteed!

Their Christmas cake is very tasty! Packed with five different fruits and sweetened with rice and barley malt. This wheat free cake tastes great and keeps well. This cake is made without dairy, is vegetarian, has no added yeast, contains no eggs, no added sucrose and has reduced sodium. It is made up of sultanas 30%, rye flour, raisins 11%, brown rice malt 10%, free range eggs, sunflower oil, barley malt 5%, water, carrots, dates 2%, lemon 1%, pineapple 1%, low sodium sea salt, bicarbonate of soda, mixed spice, and cardamom.

If you however have stomach issues with gluten, there is rye flour and malt, so this may not be suitable. I will will review wheat-free and gluten-free Christmas treats over the next week!

Aoife 🙂

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