Yola Porridge

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Stable Diet is a privately owned Irish food company renowned in the Irish market for their tasty, wholesome cakes,breakfast cereals and flapjacks. The company philosophy is that nature knows best. All food products are based on traditional recipes using natural ingredients and the company prides itself on a reputation for quality and authenticity. Their Yola Porridge is traditional wholefood goodness. It is packed with nuts and seeds and brings a whole new dimension to healthy porridge. Jumbo oat flakes and oat bran combine to ensure a hearty, low G.I. breakfast. To give it an extra something, coconut, flaked almonds and chopped walnuts are included. You actually feel like you are getting so much nutrients out of your breakfast! The taste is fabulous. A list of stockists is on their website, but products are available in a lot of supermarkets. I got mine in Nolans Supermarket in Clontarf.

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