Wheat-free and gluten-free in South Africa too!

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Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of contact, I’ve been away for a while (on honeymoon!)…in South Africa, and was delighted with their wholesome healthy food. I came across this great outlet Kauai (if you ever happen to be in South Africa!), they are a chain and all over the Eastern and Western Cape. Fresh, tasty and nutritious food is on the menu. They don’t use Trans fats in their foods, nothing is fried either. I’m told the oiliest thing in their kitchen is an avocado! They have 100% wheat free bread and they also have gluten free wraps. Well, I was delighted with them! I opted for the Chicken Magma Wrap, which was chicken breast,brown rice, beans, mozzarella, cheddar, spring onion, sweet chilli sauce, fresh salsa – and it was really delicious. I actually felt like I was eating healthy food in a cafe. Let’s hope that they open one of their stores up in Ireland!!

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