Cooking Without

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Christmas is great for getting books, especially cookbooks and coming into the new year you start taking a closer look into what you are eating (and have consumed over the last week!). Cooking without cookbook, by Barbara Cousins, is a classic recipe book which excludes ingredients harmful to those suffering from candida, M.E., and allergy sufferers. Anyone with food allergies, candida or chronic fatigue will benefit from excluding wheat, gluten, yeast, salt, sugar, dairy products and saturated fat. The book explains how eating the right kinds of food at the right times can help with fatigue, elimination, healing and weight control. The recipes also support the body’s blood sugar levels to give us sustained energy. It has great ideas and lots of varied recipes, especially for those living wheat-free. Do yourself a favour and buy it – and do read the introduction, it’s very informative and opens your mind up.

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