Vive la France!

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Le Pains des Fleurs Gluten-Free Quinoa Crackers are a little French find. I got them in a local supermarket that stock gourmet foods in the breads/crackers section. Available in most health shops and online health stores. These crackers are an alternative to bread, and are perhaps the closest thing I’ve tasted since having a cracotte in my wheat-eating days! Light, crispy and really tasty. They are gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, yeast free and soy free, so perfect for any anyone really! They have a lovely light texture, and are perfect with your choice of cheese, paté, spreads, tomato slices etc. They are high in protein (9.6g per 100g) too. Made with semi-whole rice flour, quinoa flour (40%), whole cane sugar* ( least than 2%), and salt. So, in essence these crackers are a winner.

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