Nuts about nuts?

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Eat Natural was a bit bland and boring for me! I had it as a snack to keep away from the chocolate or the mid-afternoon nut snack, but I was a little disappointed. Made with almonds, peanuts, sultanas, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, dried apricots, puffed rice….and here’s the badness – honey, glucose syrup, and raw cane sugar! Why do brands insist they are healthy when they clearly aren’t?…all that sugar…it really isn’t needed. All the other ingredients are natural and tasty, and don’t need the glucose syrup, sugar and honey, maybe just one for a bit of sweetness. Natural would be better. Calorie intake is 235 calories and 14.4g of fat in each bar! I know that nuts are high in calories and they are healthy fats, but for a small snack, I think it’s very high. Give me a bag of nuts any day! I know it’s hard to find wheat-free snacks. I’d skip this though and go for the nuts – more goodness and satisfaction. Sorry Eat Natural…your other bars might taste better, so I’ll give you another chance!

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