A breakfast delight!

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Finding wheat-free granola can be a challenge. Finding a tasty, not too sweet granola can be even more taxing. But the find stops here, Lizi’s granola is the best granola I’ve ever tried! The original one is where I started, it’s usually a safe bet, and it is really tasty. There are natural ingredients, with toasted oats, wholegrains, nuts and seets. It’s got a low glycaemic index also. Serve with milk, soya milk, or yoghurt for a satisfying start to your day! Available in health stores and some supermarkets.

  1. Chris

    Thanks for the information and product list. I am having a very hard time with hidden wheat ingredients so I am feeling very uncomfortable lately.

    I will check out your blog daily. Another blog I go to is:


    I don't feel so alone!

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