Alternative bread company

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I came across the Alternative Bread Company (Or ABC as it’s also known), which I found in Dunnes Stores. There are a variety of gluten-free breads, including scones and other sweet treats. I tried the white gluten-free bread, which was light and tasty, and tastes quite similar to fresh bread. Great fresh on the day you buy it, but after that it really needs to be toasted. However, it’s a pretty good bread, as gluten-free breads go. The range of breads and cakes is fantastic, if you can eat gluten or wheat, here are a few varieties to choose from – Italian Ciabatta, rustic French Baguettes, Corn bread with Chilli, Stoneground wholemeal, Cheese and Tomato Sourdough, Multi Grain and Seed breads, Sundried Tomato and Fennel, Spelt Bread, Rye and Sourdough Rye, to name a few! Some sound delicious. I must try the corn bread and report back!

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