Wheat-free and gluten-free tasty high-fibre crackers!

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I’ve been on the lookout for a decent wheat-free cracker for a while now. Usually they taste either really sweet (and therefore bad for you!) or a bit artificial, sometimes even a bit rubbery. However, I was fairly impressed with Trufree’s High Fibre Crackers which are wheat free and gluten free. They are high in fibre too, which is a real plus because often by eating wheat-free foods, we are eliminating fibre from our diets. There are only 24 calories per cracker, and the fat is only 0.4g which is a major plus. They taste like you are eating something nutritious too! They include soya bran which probably gives the crackers their slightly sweet and mildly nutty flavour. Great topped with your favourite cheese, or with hummus and cucumber, or a topping of your choice! Available at most large supermarkets.

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