Satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy alternative!

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Ok, I’m in no way a chocaholic….though when I do have it, I love it! Sometimes you feel like something sweet, but it’s hard to know what to choose when you are living wheat free. I often avoid the gluten-free biscuits as they can taste artificial, plus I’m never fully satisfied after them. Sometimes you think you’re as well to have eaten a chocolate bar! One of my favourite sweet treats are the Kekin chocolate-coated rice cakes. I feel like I’m getting some nutritional benefit too (the rice cake bit!!), plus it satisfies the sugar craving too (the chocolate coating!). Treats should really be out of bounds if you are trying to lose weight, but everything in moderation, never deny yourself anything, especially if you have a major craving. My advice is to think about what you are putting into your body. The good news is that there are also mini milk chocolate- coated rice cakes, so you can take just 1 or 2 if you are really trying to cut back. Just to put it in perspective, a chocolate bar, say a Dairy Milk has 525 calories, a crème egg has 445 – shocking! There are only 83 calories in one large chocolate-coated rice cake, and only 17.5 calories per mini slice. These are also good for kids lunchboxes. Available in all major supermarkets nationwide. Now, what would be perfect with that afternoon cuppa?

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