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Mrs Crimbles do a good variety of wheat-free and gluten-free products. I have yet to try the rice cakes, corn cakes and cookies. I however did try one of their cakes, the Bakewell slices, which were surprisingly nice. I don’t usually buy cakes, but a friend of mine had bought them for me when I called over for a cuppa. The main ingredient for these bakewell slices is rice flour, but there are a lot of preservatives and syrups and sugar involved, which put me off a bit! There is 284 calories per slice, which in my opinion is a lot for a small piece of delight! The fat content is 15.3g per slice too, very high. So, if you are watching your weight, avoid! However, on the plus side there is a tasty toasted almond topping and a strawberry jam filling. They were a little bit stodgy, but I’ve tried worse.

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