An oat alternative for breakfast

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I must admit, I’m a bit of an oat fan! I find it hard to find something as nice as oats in the morning. They come in a variety of ways – porridge, granola, toasted oats, raw oats in a muesli etc. So, on my oat buzz, I decided to try Oatibix made by the Weetabix company (a company’s products I usually avoid because all their products are wheat!). I tried the original Oatbix. They are made with oats instead of wheat. I thought they were lovely, a little bit sweet, as there is malt barely in them, so you can taste that. Two biscuits is the portion they recommend, so have it with milk, or soya milk, or the milk of your choice, for a wholesome breakfast. Oatibix is perfect on its own with hot or cold milk, or for a little bit of added nutrition and variety, try adding chopped fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Delicious and nutritious!

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