It’s lunchtime!

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Wheat-free and gluten-free bread and rolls are the hardest thing to get right. I don’t think I’d like to be in the business of trying to make that perfect bread. The Glutafin Select White Rolls are satisfying. I was amazed that they didn’t fall apart like a lot of other gluten free rolls. Pop in the oven or microwave to refresh them. They are soft rolls with a good texture, and aren’t too unlike bread. Made from rice flour and millet flour, they are a good option for lunch. Have with soup or your favourite filling. They’ve 132kcal per roll and 1.4g of fat, which is low for gluten-free bread. If I had to add a negative, I found them a little spongy and artificial, but the taste was nice. I’d like to try the fibre rolls, maybe they would be more to my liking.

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