Wheat-free at dinner time?

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I’m quite a fan of Dietary Specials, the quality of their gluten-free and wheat-free food is very good. Their penne pasta won a UK award for best gluten-free pasta in 2009. But I’m not convinced. I followed the instructions (cooking time etc), but by the time it was ready and I went to put it through the sieve, the amount of starch that came out of it was shocking. It put me off before I even tasted it. That was the worst part. If you can get over that, it actually tasted very nice. Made from rice flour, low in calories and pretty tasty. For taste, it would be high on my rankings, but the gloopy factor was not good. Sorry, DS, this is the only negative review I’ve given you! I’ll try the other DS pastas and get back to you.

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