Go to Hell!

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When I heard about Hell on Wexford street in Dublin, I got very excited – fresh gluten free pizza – wow! I went for a lunchtime delight and I wasn’t disappointed. I told Bruce the manager that his gluten free pizza was damn good! The best gluten free pizza I had previously eaten was in Balducci’s in Capetown in South Africa. But I have to say, Hell’s was just as good. And with the added bonus of it being based in Dublin – fantastic! Hell is a company from New Zealand set up just over a year ago in Dublin and it’s business is thriving, despite the recession. I can see why. What’s interesting is that the homemade sauces and gluten free bases get shipped from New Zealand. Just shows what they think of the Irish alternatives! Hell is the 2nd largest pizza business in New Zealand and is growing globally. They’ve a London restaurant, which I’ll try the next time I’m there. What I liked about Hell was the great variety of pizzas all with the Hell theme – you can try Lust, Greed, Envy or Purgatory to name just a few. I tried Mischief, which is chorizo, chicken, onions, garlic, chilli, tomatoes, cajun herbs and green peppers. You can choose how hot you want the chillies to be. I went for Forked Tongue, which is grade 2 on Hell’s chilli guide. They have an interesting dessert pizza, something I’ve never heard of or tried, but they sound divine. Imagine this – berries, banana, chocolate and custard (gf) on a gluten free bases – I’ll have to try one! Hell is a buzzy restaurant as well as a takeaway, which is a great offering. Reasonably priced, a great menu and friendly staff. Surrender yourself to Hell’s damned good gluten-free pizzas! In the words of the Terminator…”I’ll be back!”.

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