Tasty curry in a hurry

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I’ve always been a huge advocate of farmers markets. There’s all kinds of weird and wonderful things there. I came across the Curry Sauce company and I like their products. Addmittedly, I’ve only tried one of the range. Pasanda, the mild curry end. A rich creamy curry sauce, made with flaked almonds and cashew nuts, crunchy and tasty. What’s great about these products is that there are no artificial ingredients, made with natural yoghurt, instead of coconut milk, which really cuts back on bad fats. The rest of the ingredients are mainly made up with garlic, herbs and spices like garlic, cumin, tumeric and coriander. The range has 14 flavours, which I’m told are all gluten free apart from 1 flavour. They will be apprearing in the next Coeliac Society of Ireland handbook, which is great news, as proves they are totally gluten free! They make a handy dinner, just add it to some stir-fried vegetables and meat, and have with rice on the side. Simple, nutritious and delicious!

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