A box of delights

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I came across a delightful box of mini packets of dried fruit and seeds, perfect for adding to cereals, salads, yoghurts or simply eating as a snack. They are call IO Clever foods – fruit and seed mix. They don’t seem to have a website, and there isn’t any information about them, only that they are packed by Gem Pack Foods. There are 10 packs of 25g which are handy for lunchboxes too. This product makes healthy living easy, as it contains lots of omega 3s and fibre making you feel good inside and out. Ingredients include 50% raisins, 25% sultanas, 10% cranberrie, 10% sunflower seeds and 5% pumpkin seeds. Each 25g pack is only 88.5kcal, so a very low calorie snack if you are watching what you eat. My only negative is that I have only seen them in Dunnes Stores, nowhere else, and can’t find any information about them! But I’d definitely buy them again. Very handy, and a perfect handbag size (even a small handbag!).

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