Rosie Rice

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I’ve had my fill of chew-free, cold, soft and smooth food over the last few days. But there is one product in particular that hasn’t put me off. That would be the old favourite Ambrosia creamed rice, or as it’s known in our household “Rosie Rice”. Its rich, creamy and gently sweet taste is a crowd pleaser. Although it is primarily a treat, it is made with milk (there’s a glass and a half in every can) and is made with no artificial colours or favours and no preservatives. It is best known in its can (as above), but is now also available in 135g pots in a pack of 4, which makes it great when you are on the move too. With just four simple ingredients (milk, rice, whey and sugar) it’s perfect as a comforting dessert for or as part of a chew-free diet! Can be eaten hot or cold, tasty both ways. What surprised me was that each 135g pot only had 140 calories and 3.4g of fat. Wheat free and gluten free too, what a treat. Long live Rosie Rice!

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