Not so delicious

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I like the name Delicious, but it’s a pity what I tried didn’t live up to its name. “Delicious” is a gluten-free bakery that makes cakes and bread. The cakes are all wheat free and dairy free too. There are no preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings. Using all local ingredients (the company is based in Cork), they are 100% natural ingredients, GM free and all handmade. All individually wrapped too. It all sounds great. I went for the chocolate brownie as it’s difficult to get good wheat-free cakes and I fancied a bit of chocolate. It was very disappointing. It was dry and crumbly and a little bit tasteless. I didn’t even finish the end of it unfortunately. “Delicious” do other varieties like tiffin slices and bakewell slices, so I won’t diss the brand yet, until I’ve tried more.

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