Good ‘oul Irish stew!

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I have to admit, I’ve never cooked Irish stew. So with an abundance of lamb on offer at Easter time, I took it upon myself to create a culinary delight. There are a variety of recipes; they all have the same basic ingredients – lamb, onions, potatoes, carrots and chicken or lamb stock. You can then add in parnsips, and thyme depending on your preference. I used the new organic very low salt chicken stock cubes from Kallo.

These stock cubes are naturally gluten and dairy free, which is great if you are living wheat free. Ingredients include maize starch*, vegetable oil*, yeast extract, chicken* (7%), chicken fat* (7%), roasted onion*, caramelised sugar*, celery*, turmeric*, garlic*, parsley*, rosemary*, natural flavouring. All the starred ingredients are organically grown. Also free from artificial additives. To use the stock in a stew, simply dissolve a chicken stock cube in 500mls of boiling water and pour over the browned lamb and vegetables, then add the potatoes and thyme at the end. Then cook in the oven for 1.5-2hrs. As you’ll see from the ingredients in these new stock cubes from Kallo, there is a great variety of flavours, adding depth and taste to the stew. If you are watching your salt intake, these are great too, as they are very low in salt. The stew was delicious and the stock really added good flavour to it. I was delighted that there wasn’t too much of a salty taste too, as sometimes that can ruin a dish. There’s a recipe at the back of the pack too that suggests poaching chicken breasts in water with a chicken stock cube. Sounds great, that’s next on the menu!

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