Bring some contintenal into your life

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Eirespan is an Irish supplier and distributor of SOL products that has a variety of continental products from tapas and cheeses to antipastos. I tried the Tortilla Espanola or Spanish potato omelette with chorizo (local Spanish sausage) for us Irish! Made from natural ingredients – potatoes, onions, eggs, olive oil, salt and chorizo. For a relatively healthy ready-meal, it was tasty. Simply fry for 3-4 mins in a little bit of olive oil or microwave for the same amount of time. Best of all it is gluten free and has no preservatives. It comes in a 450g pack, so it’s a decent size to serve 3 people. Serve with a side salad. There is 227kcal per 100g. The only negative is that it is vacuum packed, so I didn’t feel I was eating something healthy. I’ve seen other SOL products in the supermarket – salamis, chorizos, hummus and pestos, so I must try some of their other continental offerings.

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