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Good wheat-free biscuits can be difficult to find. They often lack the crunchiness that biscuits should have. They are also usually very sweet, which gives you the distinct impression that they are unhealthy. I tried the Nairns Oat Biscuits and they are delicious. Hard and crispy like a biscuit should be. They tasted healthy! The stem ginger ones have a very distinctive taste of ginger, but it’s fabulous. Each box contains packs of 2 which are great for packed lunches or if you are out and about.

Other flavours include fruit and spice, which has a hint of cinnamon – really lovely, and mixed berries if you prefer a little bit of sweet – nice and fruity. Made with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, no hydrogenated fat and of course all made with oats, so those living wheat-free can enjoy a biscuit! Each biscuits has 43kcal and the fat content is 1.5g which is very good for such a great tasting biscuit! The nutritional benefits of oats, will also give you energy and will help balance the blood suger so you won’t have those nasty cravings. In my opinion these tasty, wholesome, wheat-free, biscuits are the perfect snack for those who are health conscious and for those avoiding wheat. Available in most supermarkets and health stores. I’m looking forward to trying other Nairns products.

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    i love these biscuits! the mixed berry are my favourite!

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