Lunchtime or cinema time?

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Keeping lunches and snacks tasty and varied is of utmost interest to anyone living wheat free, as it’s good to get a balance and try new things. I thought corn cakes would be a welcome alternative to rice cakes. I tried the corn cakes from Kelkin. These are made from 100% corn and are lightly seasoned with sea salt. They have no added sugar or preservatives and are gluten free. Unfortunately I thought they tasted like popcorn! Don’t get me wrong, I like popcorn, but they didn’t really taste like an alternative to a cracker and it felt strange eating them for lunch. I tried them with a selection of toppings; avocados and tomato, cheese and onion, cream cheese, but I still kept thinking I was eating popcorn! They have only 26.8kcal per slice and are very low in fat. Worth a try as an alternative to a rice cake. Think they are better for a snack than at a meal though.

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