Replace biscuits with rice cakes!

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I think that flavoured rice cakes, whether they are yoghurt or chocolate covered are a great invention. They are somewhat healthy, a great alternative to a biscuit, and give you some fibre, therefore putting the hunger pangs at bay. I’m on a rice cake tasting frenzy at the moment. I really like them! I tried triple berry yoghurt rice cakes from Kelkin. Very interesting. There is a distinct yoghurt taste from them, and they are light and crunchy. However, there isn’t too much difference between a yoghurt coated rice cake and the triple berry flavour. I couldn’t really taste too much berry. They were very nice though. At 83 calories, they are a good healthy snack. There are 6 in pack (the standard for flavoured rice cakes). Rice cakes in general go stale very quickly, so you need to eat them within a few days of opening. It would be ideal if they came in packs of two, so Kelkin keep this in mind! They would then be even handier for lunchboxes and even handbags!

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