tasty treats

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On the lookout for a new treat to have with your afternoon cuppa? I’ve found a treat that will hit the spot. Organic milk chocolate rice cake thins from Kallo are really tasty. There’s a little bit of indulgence too as they are covered in delicious organic Belgian milk chocolate. The rice cake part is the healthy bit, as rice cakes are naturally low in fat. So, these rice cake thins are the perfect healthy snack to enjoy without feeling too guilty. 57 calories per slice, which is far better than a chocolate bar. And one was just enough for me, I didn’t feel like eating the whole packet, which can often happen with biscuits! The fact that they are naturally gluten free and wheat free, as well as having no artifical additives is a bonus. Once opened, store in a cool dry place, and after opening in an airtight container so that they keep for longer. Certainly worth a try!

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