Chocolate & orange – gluten-free style!

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Some people say the best biscuits are jaffa cakes as they are more cake-like, hence the name. I’ve never been a chocolate orange fan or any chocolate fruity-flavored fan for that matter. Though I do like mint choc. However I decided to open my mind and see if I I’d changed my mind. I tried Kelkin’s gluten-free jaffa cakes and they were quite nice. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I like chocolate orange or have a liking for jaffa cakes, but these were ok. I’m told by my husband (who might I add, ate most of the box!) that they are lovely. Actually, as good as the real thing! Light and spongey cakes with a tangy orange centre, covered in dark chocolate. They contain less than 50 calories per cake, so are therefore an ideal gluten-free treat. So, if you adore jaffa cakes, these are definitely worth a try!

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