Bread that beats the bloat

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I’ve been looking for tasty bloat-free bread for the last 5 years…I’ve finally found one to shout about! Soul Bakery which is sold at farmers markets and in some supermarkets (Supervalu) do this range. They do a variety of breads, but the one that wheat-free diets can tolerate is their Spelt bread. I’ve tried a good few spelt breads which don’t agree with my stomach at all, but this one is fine and tastes great. I think the secret is in the ingredients. It doesn’t use yeast and it has water instead of milk, which is must lighter on the stomach. It’s definitely worth a try and I’ll be going back to buy more. It is great for sandwiches and actually tastes like fresh bread, and is delicious toasted. It’s a reasonable price too. Check out Soul Bakery’s locations at the Farmers Markets on their site

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