High fibre, wheat-free oatcakes

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Oatcakes are so versatile. I tried Kekin’s organic oatcakes and they are very tasty. They make a perfect snack or lunch. Enjoy them on their own as a biscuit, or with a choice of toppings. Lovely with peanut butter for a mid-morning snack, or have as part of lunchtime with egg mayo, tomatoes and avocados, or pate. They are a snack that’s high in fibre, wheat free, suitable for vegetarians, and has no added sugar. Made with organic wholegrain oats, organic sunflower oil, organic palm fruit oil, sea salt, and raising agent. What’s great is that they come in four packs of five individually wrapped oatcakes, so very handy for lunchboxes and handbags! Available in all major supermarkets nationwide. Oats contain gluten, so avoid if you are coeliac.

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