Nyummy flapjacks!

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When I went along to the Allergy Fair in the RDS, I met Cathy Whitty, who runs Cathy’s Spelt for Health company. She has a pre-mix range all made from spelt. I sampled her delicious flapjacks and we had a brief chat about my blog and her products. Lovely lady too! I purchased the flapjack mix as flapjacks are one of my weaknesses, they can be divine if made well. Cathy’s flapjack mix is simply oats, brown sugar, dessicated coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some spelt flour. Cathy assured me that they are easy to make, just follow the recipe. All you need to add is butter golden or maple syrup and a baking tray 9 x 9 if possible. And she is right, they were easy to make and they were certainly as delicious as the one I sampled. I stored them in an airtight container, but they didn’t last long! I’m really looking forward to trying Cathy’s bread mixes. I’ll report back once I have! Cathy’s Spelt for Health flapjacks are wheat free and yeast free and a healthy snack.

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