Veggie alert

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Although there is such a variety of food now available, sometimes you are left wondering what to cook for dinner and habit can be a terrible thing. So my mantra is to try and find something different every week; gluten-free and wheat-free goodies of course. I’m not an enormous meat eater, I’m not a veggie, but I like veggie food and have been trying to eat tofu as it’s good for you and full of protein. In my quest, I came across beanys. They are rather interesting with lots of varieties. Full of organically grown ingredients made with soya beans and rice, and packed with vegetables. Dragonfly foods promote healthy eating and weight-loss through beanys. It’s an interesting concept; you can even follow the beany diet! I tried the soya bean and brown rice beanys with fresh veg. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy, meat and egg. They come in a pack of two. The picture on the front of the pack isn’t too appealing, but it didn’t stop me buying them. They look a little strange when you take them out of the pack, but don’t be put off. Beanys are really tasty. Cook them on a frying pan (I didn’t add any oil), just brown them for about 3 mins either side, till they are more of a golden colour. I really enjoyed my beany adventure and knew that I was getting good nutrition. After all, natural soya protein contains 8 amino acids. Available in health shops. I got mine in Nourish.

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