A great find on the northside!

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I can often be apprehensive trying a new restaurant as I’m always afraid they won’t cater for those living wheat free. But I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Moloughneys at the bottom of Vernon Avenue in Clontarf. Roomy and cosy atmosphere, with a great menu. I was delighted when I saw a note at the bottom of the menu that said that most dishes can be adapted for coeliacs. Bingo! There is a great variety on their menu from summer salads, to cheese plates, rack of lamb and risotto. The waiter was very informative and explained that I could have any dish I wanted except the gnocchi for obvious reasons. I opted for the Summer vegetable risotto – pea shoots, asparagus, green and yellow courgettes, tender stem broccoli, creme fraiche and Gabriel cheese shavings. It was delicious and I had no reaction at all, which assured me that they are well used to this request and their kitchen know what they are doing. Before the starters arrived my friends were offered a delicious variety of homemade breads. I asked any chance you’ve any for me? He said “yes, it is being freshly baked, it’ll take a while though”. I didn’t mind waiting, I was very excited! After a little while, a plate of hot toasted gluten-free bread arrived. Delightful! It was beautiful! My dining experience at Moloughneys was a pleasure. I’ve heard bad reports about the service being slow, but we didn’t have any trouble and we were happy to be there. My only complaint is that the place was very warm, but it wouldn’t stop me from returning! There are plenty of options for those living wheat-free. Well done on your menu Moloughneys, you’ve made many a coeliac happy!

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