Homemade is the only way!

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Wheat-free bread mixes are a brilliant invention, especially when the end product tastes so good. There are some bread mixes, where you just add water and oil, mix together and into the oven and wait 40 minutes and voila! Simple and tasty…..but might I add, tasty when it is hot and fresh for 1 day max, then it either goes mouldy or tastes stale and only lasts another day if you are lucky. I’ve tried a good few mixes and am happy to say that I tried an easy to make, tasty, nutritious mix that doesn’t go stale! Cathy’s Spelt for Health Wholemeal Loaf mix was great.  Made with whole spelt flour, oatflakes, salt and baking powder, readily mixed, just add in 360ml of buttermilk or soya milk and put into a 2lb loaf tin and pop it into the oven. After 45 mins of baking, your delight is ready. This bread was tasty, filling, looked like real bread (which often doesn’t happen with wheat-free products!). It tasted really nutritious and I was the envy of my work colleagues when they asked “where did you get that nice bread, it looks lovely?”. And I beamed “I made it!”. Try with Philadelphia cheese, or any other topping of your choice. Am looking forward to trying Cathy’s other products! Wheat free, yeast free and sugar free and very tasty! Have a look on Cathy’s site to see where her mixes are available. Enjoy!

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