A french fancy

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Everything in moderation…and sometimes a little bit of sweet isn’t a bad thing. I tried wheat-free and gluten-free croissants for a breakfast treat. Proceli do a good range of products. Although they are not sold in that many places in Ireland, they are all over the UK and Waitrose is the main stockist. However, Ecodirect the online stockist in Ireland sell them. They also have a walk in store. Proceli offers a wide range of gluten and wheat-free foods made using only ingredients of the highest quality. Corn starch is used as an alternative to wheat, as well as water, eggs, sugar and margarine. They are semi-cooked, so just pop them in the oven for 10 minutes. Eat plain, or put some jam and them and voila, your french fancy in a jiffy! It’s been so long since I ate a real croissant and hard to remember exactly what one tasted like, but these weren’t bad. I wouldn’t be eating these every morning now as they were a little sweet, but once in a while they’d be a treat. Bon appetit!

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