Get rude in the morning!

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I love breakfast! And I always make sure that it is something nutritious that will keep me going for the day. There is a good variety on the supermarket shelves, but often they are loaded with sugar. I came across the brand Rude Health. Firstly the tone of the brand on the packet made me laugh. “You’re in rude health when….you hurdle the garden gate, you have an offroad Zimmer frame. We wanted to make cereals which help you feel good all day. This is one of them. We choose our ingredients like we choose our friends: we like them wild, not refined.” Love it! Put a smile on your face in the morning. Plus their cereals have no added salt, refined sugar and they use naturally sweetened ingredients.

I tried the puffed oats, which were very tasty. Light and toasty wholegrain oats, 100% oats, no added sugar or salt, and of course oats are high in fibre, and sustain our energy for longer. Just have them with milk or soya, add some seeds and nuts for an alternative taste. I really enjoyed these and am interested in seeing what other cereals are in the Rude Health range. Make sure you have a breakfast that is worth getting up for!

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