Nyummy flapjacks!

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Finding a wheat-free snack in a newsagent or local corner shop can be a challenge. I try to avoid chocolate, crisps etc, but if I’ve a sweet craving a flapjack will hit it every time. It’s hard enough to get flapjacks that are no.1 wheat free and no.2 not so sweet that they’d rot your teeth on the spot! I came across the Irish Flapjack and Muffin company who make flapjacks which are clearly labelled wheat-free which is a bonus. The yoghurt, banana and walnut flapjack is very tasty, has a good texture, doesn’t crumble straight away and has a really distinctive flavour which I loved. What I like about oat snacks is that you are getting energy from the oats, but also fibre. These flapjacks contain no additives or preservatives and most are suitable for vegetarians. The yoghurt, banana and walnut one packs in 402 kcal, but might I add you probably won’t eat it all in one sitting, it’s very filling. Irish Flapjack and Muffin company also do cereal bars which are wheat free, so I must try them! 

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