Variety in a bowlful

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Wow…I’ve found a breakfast cereal that packs a punch of goodness inside you in the morning and tastes great! Rude Health’s granola is one of the best granolas I’ve ever tried. Crunchy, yet not lumpy, tasty, a blend of flavours in a spoonful. There is a lot of ingredients in this granola, which is wonderful and gives it a good texture and flavour – multigrain blend of oats, spelt, barley and amaranth with roasted nuts. There is a subtle sweet taste, but it is in no way overpowering, just the right amount of sweetness, and that’s from the date syrup and honey. There are roasted almonds and hazelnuts as well as sunflower seeds. And here’s the even better news, no added salt, no refined sugars, high in fibre (all the grains) and wholegrain. I was very impressed, a great granola for a breakfast cereal, or mix with natural yoghurt as a snack or dessert. Rude Health products can be purchased across the country, see the stockists for more info. In Dublin Donnybrook Fair, Fallon and Byrne, and Fresh stock the range to name a few. Go out and buy this, it’s worth looking forward to in the morning!

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