Hot banana?

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I’m a real porridge fan, always have been, always will be. There’s so much versatility with porridge: honey, mixed berries, toasted almonds, sliced banana, the list goes on! But hot banana…hmmm…I’m not so sure! I tried Rude Health’s top banana porridge. The ingredients sound delicious-oats, roasted hazelnuts, a hint of maple, banana and maple flakes. Sounds very tasty and each on their own is, but the hot banana in my opinion was really off-putting. I’m a huge fan of Rude Health products so it won’t puts off trying their other porridge. I wanted the top banana porridge to redeem itself, so gave it a second chance by adding two spoons of it uncooked to make a smoothie with natural yoghurt and fresh berries – totally delicious! So I won’t completely diss this porridge. Try it if you are into hot banana. It didn’t put funk into my gibbon!

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