For those early birds

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Wheat-free muesli can sometimes taste stale, tasteless and unappealing. The ingredients can sound great, the bowl looks tasty, but one spoon later and you are disappointed. It’s hard to get a wheat-free muesli right. I tried Rude Health’s early bird muesli and was pleasantly surprised. The muesli is a mix of toasted oats and spelt with roasted hazelnuts, fruits and seeds. Their famous muesli base is used and they added toasted oats and spelt flakes, rye flakes and barley flakes, which gives it a light, crispy crunch and a good flavour. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are added as well as roasted hazelnuts, raisins, sultanas and apricots. There is
no added salt, no refined sugars, the muesli is high in fibre, and full of wholegrains. Light, crunchy, and tasty and I’d eat it again. It’s a good mix of flavours, the right amount of each ingredient is added, the apricots are a nice twist and the spelt flakes make it nice and crunchy.  So, for those early risers, grab yourself a bowl…and if you’re not an early riser and need a good breakfast, this muesli is worth a try!

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