Jam-packed with seeds

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Fancy a healthy snack on the go? Try a treat that is seed based instead of sugary. Most flapjacks are oat based and can be very heavy and sugary. I came across Seed Stacked flapjacks. They are a very different taste to a standard flapjack. Although oats are one of the ingredients, these flapjacks as their names suggests are full of seeds – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and linseeds. All bound together with some honey. There’s also vanilla extract and nutmeg. Seeds are so good for you, full of omega 3s and essential fatty acids, great for an energy boosting snack as a morning snack, for breakfast on the go, or before or after exercise.
I tried all 3 of the variety – original, yogurt and carob. I liked the carob the best; it was a little bit different and the melange of seeds made me feel healthy! I felt I was eating a healthy snack. Plus carob does taste a little bit like chocolate, so you can have the taste without the guilt! The nutmeg is quite a distinctive flavour. I didn’t really like the yogurt one (sorry!), as thought it tasted a little artificial (even though the ingredients certainly aren’t). Seeds are a great snack. They help to contribute to energy and bone production, contain powerful anti-oxidants, keep cholesterol under control as part of a healthy diet, to name a few advantages of seeds.
There’s also a great story behind Seed Stacked. Chris Thompson, the founder, happened to just come across these healthy flapjacks. He was looking for a healthy snack when he was a professional wrestler.  With a shock 4 stone weight loss and a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, it changed everything for Chris. This forced him to eat natural foods and the power of the seed was discovered! For more info on Seed Stacked’s products and Chris’s story, see http://www.seedstacked.com/
Available in a variety of health stores. Discover the power of seeds!

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