Pure Indulgence!

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Sometime a little bit of bold is a good thing! Especially if it’s made with oats! Stable diet do a range of 4 flapjacks – original, fruit, milk chocolate and miracle munch. They taste divine. A combination of oats, pure butter, and brown sugar. All the flapjacks are wheat free. They are very sweet, but they do taste amazing. Because of the butter and sugar the fat is quite high in them. But saying that, everything in moderation!! My favourite one was the milk chocolate, which is Stable Diet’s original flapjack smothered in thick milk chocolate – a real treat! The fruity flapjack is the original one with a special blend of fruits – sultanas, raisins, currants, pineapple, apricots, cherries and mixed peel, so plenty of variety very tasty too. The texture of these flapjacks is very good too, nice and crunchy, yet soft too. The size of them is great too, a decent amount of indulgence! The miracle munch is basically a flapjack in a bar shape. Filled with lots of sunflower seeds and fruit. They are all high in calories and fat, but sometimes it’s worth it and these flapjacks are!

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