Berry delicious!

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Fruit spreads can be very flexible – used for toppings, sweetening dishes and for cooking, and of course for those with a sweet tooth! They are often laden with sugar though. It’s difficult to find good spreads that have healthy ingredients and have natural fruit sugars. Meridian foods do a great range of organic fruit spreads which I would highly recommend. I tried 4 flavours – bramble, blood orange, plum and cranberry. Just delicious! Smooth, fruity, a great texture and full of flavour. The Bramble in particular is really delicious. What’s great about these fruit spreads too is that they are sweetened with organic apple juice concentrate, so you know you are getting good natural ingredients. The Bramble includes raspberries, and blackberries, so if you are a berry fan, you’ll be addicted! I really enjoyed these spreads and would recommend them. Delicious on the bread or toast of your choice, or simply add in natural yoghurt. They are gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, organic and vegan. Available at Health Matters, Nourish and The Health Store to name a few.  See Meridian’s website for stockist details and these recipes for some ideas! Enjoy 🙂

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