Honey honey!

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Happy New Year to one and all and wishing you all the best for 2011. Over the Christmas, I got to try lots of new wheat-free products! One of which was honey puffed oats for breakfast. I’m a huge fan of Rude Health cereals – very tasty and lots of variety. They’ve recently developed a gluten-free range which is suitable for coeliacs and of course if you are following a wheat-free diet, these cereals are perfect. I tried the honey puffed oats, which are light, and tasty and I really enjoyed them. At only 129kcal per serving, they are pretty guilt-free. Even with the honey as an ingredients the fat is only 3.5g. What’s lovely about these puffed oats is that they are so light, and the honey gives them a hint of sweetness, in no way over-powering, like some gluten-free cereals. If you are a fan of oats you’ll really enjoy these. The oats are wholegrain, crispy and somewhat creamy with no added salt and no refined sugars. This cereal is worth being in your breakfast cupboard – a tasty, healthy cereal with no gluten!

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