A special lunch

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Spain has some wonderful things to offer and tapas is certainly one of them! It’s even more delightful when you can find a restaurant in Dublin that does good tapas that also caters for coeliacs or those living wheat free. I found just the place. Salamanca on Dame street do a delightful array of tapas dishes from meat based to vegetarian. What’s very refreshing is when you open a menu and you see (c) at the bottom of it. You know that this denotes dishes that are suitable for coeliacs which means it saves you from asking awkward questions. This can be particularly good if you are in a Spanish restaurant as sometimes the staff can be Spanish too. When you say wheat-free or ask does it have wheat in it etc, they don’t understand you! I ventured to Salamanca for a lunch and they’ve a great deal on for a lunch special – 3 tapas for €10. And might I add, they are good portions, 3 is plenty, you’ll be full. I tried the paella which had (c) beside it and it was fabulous – rich, deep flavour with rice, peppers, onions, chicken and chorizo. Very tasty. I also tried the chicken wings which were hot and spicy and very good too. And of course there had to be a potato option, so it was a toss up between the traditional tortilla and the patatas bravas, I opted for the latter. Very good too. I’d highly recommend this place, the staff were friendly, the service was quick (good for lunchtime!) and the value was great, plus it goes without saying, I didn’t have to ask any awkward questions. Have a look at Salamanca’s menu and enjoy! I’ll be back!

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