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Hot home-made cookies from the oven, what a delight! I’ve never tried buying ready-made cookie dough that you simply cut up and put in the oven and wait till they are golden brown. Well, I’ll never look back! I tried Gookies, and they were one of the most delicious things I ever tried. I tried 3 flavours – milk chocolate, triple chocolate, cranberry & white chocolate. All delicious, but my there was a favourite and that’s the cranberry & white chocolate. What’s great about the cookie dough rolls is that it is refrigerated but can also be frozen and cooked from frozen. They are easy to bake and very convenient. Each 320g roll makes 6 large cookies or 12 smaller cookies. I opted for the 12 smaller, as that gives you more treats in the cookie jar!

Gookies is the brainchild of Muriel Coughlan who is based in East Cork. Muriel has created these fabulous gluten free and wheat free delights by using gluten free flour, Irish butter, Callebaut Belgian chocolate and free range eggs. Gookies are also yeast free and free from preservatives. Gookies are available to buy on Local Markets and you can also follow Gookies on Facebook. Go on, treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Gookies

    Glad you liked my Gookies, I was diagnosed as a coeliac over 4 years ago and realise there is a lack of tasty homemade treats that are gluten free. I must say Cranberry & white chocolate are also my favourite.

    I will have a stall at the Coeliac AGM taking place in the Portlaoise hotel this Saturday 16th of April.

    Check out the Gookies facebook page for a list of stockists.

    Muriel Coughlan

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