The American Way!

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A wheat-free and gluten-free muffin that tastes like the real thing! That’s what the American Muffin Co Ltd has done. They do a huge selection of muffins and cake bites – you can choose from blueberry, chocolate chip and double-chocolate mini muffins, large cranberry and orange muffins, chocolate brownies, lemon cake bites and fruit cake bites. All are fantastic. I haven’t tasted cakes like these before. They are sweet but not overly, just right, and the texture of them is fantastic. They honestly don’t taste like they’ve no wheat in them. I’m amazed at how they’ve managed to get this texture without using wheat and they are really fresh tasting.

The American Muffin Co. supplies Asda, Sainsburts, Tesco and Waitrose in the UK and order online on their store. These muffins are a real treat. They taste fabulously fresh with great ingredients. It was hard to choose a favourite! I really liked the mini blueberry muffins, great as a snack. The chocolate brownies were amazing as well, incredibly fresh and chocolately. Check out their range on store. They also do regular muffins and cakes, and flapjacks (which I’ll try if they don’t contain wheat!) and an egg-free range. This company know how to bake cakes, so be sure to try them!    

  1. Iqbal Soni

    Cant wait to try the range of delicious muffins !!

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